Brownsville ISD implements Reybotics Engineering and Aerospace CAMP

“We are launching a K-12 Aerospace Initiative designed to insipre and motivate students towards space-related careers, ” said Bertha Pena, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “These programs of study will prepare students to meet the increasing demand for engineers and the emerging science fields.”

During the summer ENCORE worked with Brownsville ISD to implement the Reybotics Engineering and Aerospace CAMP experience. ENCORE continually develops and implements innovative programs for student achievement to keep pace with the needs of local school districts such as Brownsville ISD.

Engaging Communities for College Readiness (ENCORE) is a initiative developed to increase the number of students ready to complete a post-secondary education. ENCORE develops and implements college and career readiness outreach programs for students, parents and educators by collaborating with school districts, community leaders and corporate/ foundation partners.

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